Another Guinness World record Attempt


I am  the current world record holder for the largest collection of troll dolls as certified by Guinness World Records and the World Record Academy.   Since setting my last world record collection of troll dolls, trolls just keeping rolling in the door.  Trolls arrive in packages by post,  carried in by visitors and purchased from  eBay  and Facebook. but as of September 17th, 2016 I will attempt  double my record to over 6,000 unique troll dolls.   Since I took possession of the world record in 2014 the publicity from multiple media sources as radio interview with BBC of London and recent article in Smart Business Magazine of Akron,  The worde spread  of the unique, quirky and fun museum I created to house my personal troll collection.   The Troll Museum houses over 18,000 pieces of troll memorabilia including 2 buses.

Visitors come from far and wide to visit and learn about the magical supernatural creatures from ancient Scandinavian folk tales to modern troll  sightings and the evolution of trolls dolls.  I and my guides inform and inspire a passion for trolls.

Trolls are making a comeback to prime time with the release of DreamWorks movie titled “Trolls”  on November 4th in theaters. DreamWorks also acquired the copyright to the troll doll and has franchised troll merchandise flooding the pre holiday market in large and small retails outlets worldwide .

Rob Hankins, CEO of ArtsinStark leads the team of Massillon Museum curators Alex Coon and Heather Hadden in the  process of validating the  total number of trolls for  the world record attempt.  Extensive documentation is submitted to World Record Academy and Guinness World Records.
The Museum with be open extended hours September 24th from 8am to 7pm for viewing of the entire collection.  Special admission cost of  $5 with the 45 minute guided tours starting on the hour.  Come visit at 228 E Main St Alliance or call to reserve tickets 330-929-1071 or


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