Worlds largest donation of Troll Dolls

“Hope this doesn’t sound weird?” said a strange man calling early on a Tuesday morning as I was driving to work.    Yes, I  had to pull over the get the details.  “Go ahead, I will listen” I said back.  He said he has a troll doll collection and he looked on the internet and found me as the infamous troll collector and he is looking to find a home for over 4,800 trolls.  As the story unfolded he confides he is a Peez candy dispenser collector and he had a girlfriend who liked trolls, so he purchased so many trolls for the girlfriend, even making a single purchase of 2,000 Russ trolls from a woman in Seattle.  But alas the relationship went south and the girlfriend was not bonded to him or the trolls.  Two years has gone by since she left him and the trolls. His parents want the space in their garage back.  He thoughtfully researched ideas he had for selling the trolls; donating them to an orphanage for children, or to an animal sanctuary for dog chew toys. He decided a Troll museum would be most fitting and had reached out to me, the one who would treasure the trolls.  I eagerly agreed to accept each and every troll, and even volunteered to pick them up as soon as possible.
So, there I was a few hours later, in the company van with my dubious husband, winding up and down steep hills of western Pennsylvania into isolated and forlorn looking middle of nowhere wondering if something too good to be true was true, or thoughts of Craigslist killers luring us unsuspecting into remote areas.  Happily the road turned into a quaint little town on the edge of the Allegheny River, with a familiar Dollar General Store and nice residential homes and people bustling about.  We pulled up and the garage door popped open and a lovely woman and her daughter carried out totes of trolls, boxes of trolls, and even a new trashcan full of trolls.  All nicely sealed with duct tape.  The ffamily was thankful and appreciative to see the trolls depart . They shared a few details of how $1,600 was spent on unrequited love of trolls, and about the how the girlfriend disappeared.
The man who owned the trolls was not home but I left him and the family complimentary tickets for tour of the Troll Museum. I hope they come visit the trolls happy in their new home.


Next the excitement of sorting out trolls into stacks by manufacturer, size, outfits and hair colors to pull out the unique ones to add to the collection as I compete to break my own world record for the most troll dolls in a single collection.

2 thoughts on “Worlds largest donation of Troll Dolls

  1. Hey Sherry! Nice you got all those cool trolls you’ll have to blog which ones were the best finds! I like the bikini trolls with gem bellys, Christmas trolls and even the plain good old guys! Happy nose tickles and belly rubs~ Shan


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