Why Trolls ?

Hello, I am Sherry Groom, troll doll expert, and I live in Northeast Ohio. I am a  wife, mother,  employee and employer, but my life is shared with over 15.000 troll dolls.

I have collected troll dolls and troll memorabilia as long as I can remember.  My passion for trolls has encompass and edges out some of my other interest, such as gardening. I have a green thumb, and I also have a strong connection to animals, especially dogs.  Many have said that I am a natural animal whisperer, because of the way animals respond to me.  I have always surrounded myself with animals and over the years I have raised and breed dogs , goats, poultry and even African pygmy hedge hogs.

In collecting trolls I first had a row of trolls, then 2 rows, then 3; then I had bookcases full of trolls. Next I had a spare bedroom filled floor to ceiling with trolls.  Then I was forced, due to space limitations, to storing boxes full of trolls in the basements as the room was too full.  The only logical thing to do is to have the troll dolls start earning their keep.

After my home was overflowing the next step was to create a space for trolls to share with the world.  The Troll Hole Museum has evolved from a modest troll art exhibit to a Guinness World Record collection and now a full-fledge museum.  Along the way I have learned so much about trolls.  I am no ordinary fanatic horde collector freak person, but rather a real down to earth entrepreneur with several businesses, an in-depth business plan and strategies for growing my troll business.  The Troll Hole Museum is my “sand box”  and escape from the corporate world, and an artistic outlet that allows me to let my hair down and play.

Historic downtown Alliance’s Main street, like so many down towns  across America, had become a sadly neglected and devalued street where historically there once were vibrant successful business commerce.  The memories that remain with the local residents I found is springing hope of a economic resurgence.  Taking  the opportunity to recycle, revive and reuse old buildings is my ultimate inspired plan to have a troll doll sanctuary and Troll Education Center where everyone can come to see and learn about trolls.  I now possess eleven addresses in historic downtown Alliance and am co-creating, with my husband, a tourist destination in the Arts District that is known as The Crossing, after the  railroad crossings that established this town in 1856.  The troll museum is the heart of this arts district and I as the troll expert  am putting out a book with all the details about trolls that have not been shared in print before in such a comprehensive and entertaining tale.

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